2020 A New Year is Soon Upon Us

Brethren apologies for our page having gone dormant, but we are back up and running in full! We are all looking forward to the beginning of a new year and as always would welcome those of you who wish to visit with us. We offer a unique experience to masonry operating within the rules & rituals as laid out in our Grand Constitution. If you have not been with us, please come and see for yourself what Phoenix Lodge is truly about. We hope to see you in fellowship.


As the wheel of time continues to turn, so Phoenix Lodge enters into a new year. We have many exciting events planned, to include a Fellow Craft degree this Spring and the highlight of the year, the Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium taking place this August in Manchester, NH. This event is not to be missed! We are entering upon installation season and many of our own members are ascending to the East, please congratulate them when you see them on this wondrous accomplishment. I look forward to our upcoming year, wonderful discussions, and many a festive agape. Be well, enjoy our time of darkness and return to our labors in March.


The tragic events of the Boston Marathon marred what was a wonderful Spring Day in New England, a welcome respite after a long dark winter. In twelve seconds, everything changed. The darkness that perpetrated these heinous acts did not succeed. As people, we are resilient; we pick ourselves up and help each other in these times. This is when we need to let our Masonic principles stand front and center, shine the Light outward…Faith, Hope, and Charity must be our guide.


We are well into fall and the leaves on our deciduous trees are bright and the harvests are coming in. Autumn has always been the time of year when I have felt closest to nature; spring may be the time of rebirth- where flowers bloom and trees are tapped, but autumn is when I look across the valleys and see the trees in their maturity and am amazed by the brilliant colors, I also know that while the year draws closer to its end, there is still time for things to draw to a successful conclusion. I hope that in the time remaining this year you will be successful in bringing your goals to fruition and reflect on time well spent.


Our Masonic year, indeed our first year in existence, is nigh almost complete. The year has been magnificent and rewarding for all of us. Your officers were honored to serve you; you gave them a charge to keep and they did. We brought a Brother into the lodge, we heard wonderful presentations, listened to amazing music and enjoyed the company of true friends. That, to me, is the sign of a complete and successful year. Now is the time of year to dwell on what we are thankful for and honor humanity in a way greater than ourselves; and so it is your duty to love your fellow Man, honor your families and be thankful for the gifts you have. Have a joyous holiday season.


This is a year of firsts for Phoenix Lodge and our August meeting is no different. We will have our first Entered Apprentice Degree, our first Agape and other various solemnities.  We are living in the era of a Masonic Enlightenment and while it is here we must do all that we can to perpetuate it; encourage discussion, impress visitors and live the true tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief & Truth.  We believe in the greatness of Freemasonry, it is a force for good in the world and the 21 founding members of Phoenix Lodge hope they can impart some of that good in their lives and have a true and lasting impact.